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The annual audit is the essential basis for creating transparency and trust. As a qualified and independent auditor, we determine for our clients in statutory and voluntary audits whether the annual financial statements and the accounting system comply with the legal framework. We also carry out special tests.
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Freedom from ties that impair or could impair professional decision-making - this prevents outside influence in the pursuit of examination objectives.


The duty of confidentiality forms the basis for the relationship of trust with the client.


The auditor must carry out the tasks assigned to him conscientiously, thus with precision and taking into account all circumstances

Personal Responsibility

An own judgment must be based on own decisions - thus the auditor has to determine his actions on his own responsibility.

Our services.

Mandatory audits and voluntary annual audits

Company valuations

Due Diligence Checks

Audits of money transactions and stocks (cash audit)

Audits according to international accounting standards (e.g. IFRS)

Support for company sales and acquisitions, restructuring and mergers

Special tests according to MaBV (brokerage and property developer regulation)

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